Chet Nagle

Executive Summary:

As Chet Nagle’s biography shows, he is an accomplished editor and writer. This April he concludes a successful three-year contract with a prominent Washington, DC public relations firm and now seeks similar work, either as a contractor or an employee.

During his current contract Chet wrote narratives, edited, and published 197 deliverables that include commentaries, internal and external analyses, and white papers. Products were published in The Hill, The Washington Times, Newsmax, World Net Daily, Real Clear Defense, Breitbart, Drudge, the American Thinker, and others. To assist in this work he assembled a group of freelance writers that he managed and for whom he acted as editor.

Prior to the current contract Chet wrote long and short form articles for other Washington public relations firms including Gunster Strategies Worldwide, Dezenhall, Drumfire, and Qorvis Communications.

The biography demonstrates Chet Nagle’s experience with a broad range of industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, fracking, gas turbines, clean coal, communications, and many others. He was the publisher of the Journal of Defense & Diplomacy magazine for 6 years and is still contributing editor for and for European Security & Defense magazine.

Some early published articles are in the “Clips” section of Nagle’s website,, plus descriptions of his three fact-based novels. He has appeared on television and radio for clients, and in a documentary film on national security. His email address is:


Born in New York, Chet Nagle graduated from Stuyvesant High School. After a year at Columbia University he was was one of fifty Presidential appointments to the U.S. Naval Academy, class of 1958. He also graduated with distinction in 1971 from the Georgetown University Law Center with the degree of Juris Doctor.

Military Service:

Nagle was a naval aviator on an aircraft carrier in Task Group Alpha, the Navy's premier anti-submarine warfare unit. After that he was the research and development project officer at the Naval Oceanographic Office for a large classified ocean analysis system (ASWEPS). Development of that system involved ships, planes, and contracts for the manufacture of deep-ocean buoys and advanced electronics.

Government Service:

Resigning from the military he joined Maxon Electronics as an engineer for advanced research projects. A year later Nagle moved to the Pentagon’s International Security Affairs (ISA) office. Manager for Northern European Negotiations, he worked on government sales to allies of high technology weapon systems. Nagle and 42 other ISA personnel sold over $2 billion of material and services to 12 countries in one year. He also managed a $1.2 billion offset agreement with the UK, set up offset/coproduction agreements with a European consortium for sales and production of the TOW missile, and worked on similar projects.

Government & Commercial Experience:

Two years later, Nagle left the Pentagon and joined Aeromaritime, Inc., a Washington DC international defense export manager, as a director. From Washington headquarters, he moved to Italy to establish a regional office for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. That completed, Nagle became CEO and moved to England, from where he managed 200 people and 6 subsidiaries operating in 25 countries. Besides selling U.S. products  to foreign governments, Aeromaritime also began to manufacture equipment in Germany and England. Then, when the war in Vietnam ended, the need for U.S. defense export companies diminished. Nagle resigned from Aeromaritime, remaining a consultant, and pursued other activities in the Middle East and Africa.

In 1980 the Sultanate of Oman was at war with communist Yemen. As a CIA agent, Nagle traveled to Oman, neighboring countries, and across Europe and Africa as a Special Military Advisor to the Sultan of Oman.  He was subsequently awarded the Sultanate's highest honor, the civilian Order of Oman. 

While an advisor to Oman, Nagle founded an international geopolitical magazine, The Journal of Defense & Diplomacy. It became an influential publication with more than 25,000 subscribers in 23 countries. Since most of Nagle’s activities involved close contact with the U.S. government at that time, he and his family left London and returned to the Washington area.

Selling the magazine to Argus, Nagle became a consultant for U.S. and international industrial and financial interests through his company, Intel Research Corporation (IRC). For more than 20 years he consulted to a wide range of companies using his experience and knowledge of telecommunications, manufacturing, information technology, global marketing, and business organization. During that period, Nagle worked with companies like Ashland Oil for high-energy fuels, Sperry Marine for navigation and communications, General Motors for gas turbines, GTE for telecommunications in Europe and the Middle East, and with Fujitsu-Softek for data storage management software. He was also a director of Freedom Home Equity Partners, a company that was first to place $50 million in reverse mortgages in California. Nagle also consulted to Fuel Tech NA, a clean coal company for technical matters, to list their stock on NASDAQ, and to promote investment in the U.S. and Europe. He was a director of Black Bear Energy Corp during their effort to build a gas-fired power plant in Vermont and, with European partners, he was a principal in a real estate development in Atlanta, Georgia. He has continued to work as a contractor for major U.S. public relations companies on client-related issues. They include Gunster Strategies Worldwide, Dezenhall, Drumfire and Qorvis Communications.

Nagle is a Contributing Editor for, an opinion and news website. He is also a Contributing Editor for European Security & Defense, an European magazine also published in English.

Chet Nagle has had numerous articles and studies published in the U.S. and abroad, including a monograph on the economic effect of global sanctions against South Africa, done in conjunction with the Heritage Foundation, and has published three fact-based novels: Iran Covenant, The Woolsorters’ Plague, and Lazarus Man. He has also appeared in Iranium,a documentary film on Middle East geopolitics, and in U.S. and foreign radio and television news programs. He and his wife live near Washington, DC, and have three children.


Areas of Expertise

  1. 1.Writing and Editing

  2. 2.Geopolitical Analysis

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4. International Affairs